Lemons, Strawberries, Poppies

I turned the poppies into a book cover on my tumblr.


The Skinny: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014


One of the characters from the book I'm reading, Akata Witch. I'm hoping to get around to doing several of the characters but, to be honest, I'm a little disappointed at how this one turned... Still, I thought it best to just let it go and move on rather than try to tweak it fixed.



I've been really busy recently - moved house/city, new job, life changes - and I guess time has been creeping by, so here's an update!

I did an illustration for The Skinny.

And on 1st July 2014 I started my new job as a Hallmark Licensing & Properties Designer! :)
It's been pretty fun so far and everyone I work with is super great.
Bonus: my new place has a lovely view and is next to a fab restaurant with yummy food and live bands. All in all, a good life move, I'd say! :)


Patty Mayonnaise

Do you remember Patty Mayonnaise from Doug?

Things have gotten pretty busy for me very suddenly and I'm preparing to move house and stuff. It seems like ages since I've drawn something fun for myself. I was beginning to think I'd forgotten how! hah

I'm a little stressed out right now, but I guess everything will fall into place soon enough.


Light Grey Art Lab: Animystics show

120 illustrators have been assembled to celebrate the majesty of the other consciousnesses with whom we share the good green Earth (animals and ) and our bond with them in the Animystics show brought to you by Light Grey Art Lab.

Below are my pieces for the show.

"Royal" giclée print
"Ball Python" original piece
N.B. It's probably worth noting this piece is fairly small at about 10x15cm

They are up for grabs on the LGAL shop and a portion of the the proceeds goes to help kitties and puppies in need (win/win)!

If you're in the area, please do check out the show! Grab yourself some some sweet originals and/or prints from some great folks and simultaneously help animals in need get the love and care they require.

Looking for more ways to help? You can also join the LGAL team on the Animal Humane Society's 40th Annual Walk for Animals



I just figured out how to make .gifs using Photoshop! I want to experiment with it more some time :)
Yeeeaaaah, it's a little stiff (the timing leaves much to be desired)... But not bad, eh? haha


The Double Happiness Twins

I read Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen in January and it became one of my favourite books. I’ve been meaning to do some illustrations inspired by it but never really got around to it until now.

Hopefully I’ll do a few more at some point.

The Chinese is probably wrong so if someone wants to correct me on that, please do!

edit [8 April 2014]:
I turned it into a book cover. Closeups on my website.

I found those mooncakes here!