buzzcuts and bzous

Buzzcuts are sexy :|

Here's a little something from the LRRH project. I haven't decided what to name him yet. I'm thinking Lukas (or maybe with different spelling? Lucas, Luca, Luka, Luukas..) He has no redeeming characteristics, but I rather like him nonetheless. It's the bad ones that gitchya! *sigh* But that's kind of the point, eh?
I think I'll name the little girl Emsé. I've got pictures of her too, but I'll post them later *laaaazyyyy!*

Disclaimer: It's going to be a slight bastardisation of the story. The reason being I want to keep the gruesome bits, make the little girl's actions and reactions more 'real' and use the ending that I feel is most believable considering the story/moral/characters/etc.

Hum. Still trying to decide whether or not to do it in colour.
Well, in April I'll have time to really work on it. For now, I'm just doing the basic plans, huhuhu~


  1. sounds like a good plan so far! i rather like lukas :3

  2. Yeah, Lukas? hum, I do like that one (well.. I like.. most all of 'em XD haha)
    I was also trying to decide if his name should have the "s" on the end phonetically...maybe I should make a poll! OuO (for people to be like "wtf? they're all like.. the same, dude" lol)
    Aaah, I think I'll probably end up stickin' with Lukas♥ XD heh