sketches + shirt design

I don't know what's wrong with me! I want to do some arty stuff, but my brain feels so numb... I have no solid ideas in my head really and I feel like thinking will only make my head start hurting...more than it already is =_=;;
I've been practising drawing straight on the computer though. Usually I draw in my sketchbook, scan then colour with the computer. But I think it's a useful skill to be able to skip the scanning process all together.


LRRH test page?

First panel's missing, but it's probably gonna get turned into a "title panel" anyhow.Jeez. I dunno man... comics don't seem to be my forte...
But, dammit! I'm gonna keep trying (at least until I suck less. haha)!

Oh, notice how I skipped the mother giving her instructions bit? Well, I actually did that page first and didn't like big chunks of it (much like how I feel about this one). Maybe I'll put it up later, though.


school's out!

I just have one exam on the 18th! Then I have to prep for graduation, I guess... I should go to those graduation meetings....find out exactly when it is and what I have to do for it >_>;; lol, yeah~

Two days ago I found this game that donates rice to hungry people. It's right up my alley! I've only gotten to play four times since I found it, but I really like playing so I think I'll hit up that site a lot. The most I've given on my own so far is 2000 (me and mumsi gave 4000 in half the time. haha). I hope they really are giving rice... I trust that they are.

Hum.... lemme show you the finished Absolut Innocence pic that I posted the WIP for a little while back (it's only slightly tongue-in cheek, haha). I made adjustments based on the class crit. I think I'll make more adjustments before/if I post on DA.I also had to do an artist and a place. I did Jin Liu Wubao (gunnmgally@Deviantart) for my artist.. I might post that later.


sit, boy

He was begging to be posted in all his oversized-coat, nonsensically-proportioned glory (lol)
I was planning to colour him (in other words, hide his hideousness with colour), but I think I'd just get frustrated so I might not bother. I wanted to start the story like last week, but this is not gettin' touched 'til this semester is over. Hell, if graduation preparation is hectic, it may not get touched 'til June, but you can bet I'll get it done! B8< Weeell, actually no. Just in case, don't bet on it...but I'm pretty determined! :D

post more junk later! 8D


almost there

Just a few more days of school left! '3'
I'm getting a liiittle nervous about going away in September for school. I don't think I'll miss home too much... at least not in the first few months, I think (well, I'll probably miss the absolute certainty of sun everyday).

I'm excited, but I'm just thinking about things like registration and remembering important dates and not getting lost... and actually getting outside for classes when it's cold...

... and then I guess somewhere in the back of my mind (should be) some anxiety about how supposedly social inept I am... hum..People will probably laugh at my layers upon layers of coats and bad fashion sense (lol; "boho?? you mean hobo chic? 8D"). Not that I'd be too bothered (as long as I'm warm, bébé) but it might get annoying to hear it a lot, lol.
Naw, lemme give people the benefit of the doubt. Just 'cause they're all out to get me doesn't mean I can't pretend they're not >u>;; huhu

..I can't wait for the end of school so I can draw stuff just for me again >3<