Pouffy Pleaty Project

I just finished making this bag today!

 I used Lisa Lam's For Pleats Sake pattern for the most part, but obviously liberties were taken (particularly in the straps department...). I kind of wish I could keep it - my first bag of its kind. Alas, it is not for me.
It was challenging in parts, but overall, super fun! I think I enjoy a good sewing challenge anyhow. And it feels so good when it all comes together.

It took me three go's to get the pearl prong snap done without a set of snap pliers. (Instead I used a thread spool and a hammer! haha!) Well worth the trouble, I think!


strongman contemplates what he means

I always find it weird when there's loads to do, but also very little to do all at the same time.
I just hope for great things to come from such anxious uncertainties.


waiting is the worst

I've been so preoccupied worrying about all sorts of things that all I've done recently have been frustration-filled scribbles. It's a weird kinda self-loathing-inducing catharsis. I don't try to figure it out.

And I need draw men more often...


Drink Me!

I just found out you can do this awesome thing with the pen tool in Photoshop!! I am gonna have so much fun. I think this is just the kind of pick-me-up I've been needing.
Hopefully future hiccups won't set me back too much and detract from this is a great discovery.

Above is the most recent edition of this image. It has gone through several different phases. Here are some of them:

I was trying to prepare this image for submission into the SOI's Illustrators 54 Annual, but the payment form isn't working for me! :( I'll have to work something out (the deadline is tomorrow)!



I was just tryin' to save a thing and I ended up with this!



Ode Lor Ips

I am feeling a lot of things right now.. Many of them in the anxiety/doubt sort of arena and the only cure is the one thing I feel I am ill-equipped for at the moment. Conundrum!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In justo neque, posuere vitae lobortis sit amet, dictum non elit... blah blah etcetera!



Rain Creature

maybe he died out with the dinosaurs



My first alma mater had a bookmark contest with the theme 'migration'. I was only able to do this at the last minute but, as simple as it is, I had fun with it.
It is an oddly relevant theme for me at this particular point in time.

edit: I got second place :)



A New Illustration Industry

Ben the Illustrator has this great idea for A New Illustration Industry. And he has a good plan to make it happen. Illustrators, do yourselves and your industry a favour.
(above work by Ben the Illustrator)
Just as a rule of thumb, people should not expect illustrators to work for free. Yes, there are certain circumstances where illustrators might work for free (unpaid internship/work experience, uni, charity work, work for friends) and it's one thing if they choose to (presumably, they're getting something out of that deal that they're pleased with - maybe it is 'exposure', maybe it's just kicks), but no one should ever expect illustrators to work for free.
Why? Because the arts are worth something. They have a value. And that value should be respected.


Gonna need to see some...

Cheese it!

I think I may do a project looking into my schizophrenic style. Definitely some strong influences there, but it just sorta does what it wants :/

Goodbye, August. I love you, best month everrr!



First Little Birth

Hope you all enjoyed the video last week! Now back to the project :)


La Tristesse

Filmed, Directed and Edited by David 'Fitz' Adams

A word from the director:
The film was originally intended as a modern response (or as some people have argued a recoding) of the 1948 Vittorio De Sica directed film 'Ladri di biciclette', or as it is more commonly known among english speaking audiences 'The Bicycle Thief'.


Pandore dans le Marécage

elle parle aux fantômes.

parfois elle les mange
et parfois elles échappent...


Ride Ride Ride

I had about 3 bike lessons with Dan last September and now I've finally gotten around to having a few more! Here are some shots from my fifth lesson (yesterday).


summer 2011 vacation sketchbook

I'm working on a project.. I think. This is its beginning:

project: first



I am accompanying Dan on an adventure to the airfield in Usk today because he wants to try gliding!


Family road trip around Europe (photos)

(I'll make this brief, but there were hundreds!)


European Road Trip

Driving through Europe. Back in August! :)


Goodbye University

The show is over! And it was great success :)

Check out these reviews:
Illustrators Wales
Plastik Magazine
Ein Caerdydd (welsh)
There was a lot of twitter buzz too, but I don't have a twitter and, as a direct result, don't keep up with it very well.

Really pleased. Proud of everyone who worked so hard!

It's kind of surreal to think that's the end of uni ..for now anyway (I've been flirting with the idea of doing a master's in a few years...). I feel like I'm supposed to feel like something, but all I can think of is getting on with things and making sure I'm set for rent and food and such lol. It should be interesting being out of full time education for the first time in my life.. like a magic box of secrets!


Cardiff Illustration Degree Show 2011

This Friday is going to be SPECTACULAR! So if you can, come!
RSVP on Facebook.

the above poster was illustrated by Daniel Hamilton


Retro Sunday: 17

I was reading something the other day that talked about creativity being a muscle that needs to be exercised just like any other muscle which made me think about body-builders. What a strange hobby. Did you know that Sean Connery was a body builder before he was an actor? Apparently he placed 3rd (although this is disputed) in 1950 for the Mr Universe title.


10 reasons not to go to the gym

I really enjoyed doing this one! It's been a while since I've enjoyed doing anything this much.. And oddly enough, the most fun part was the editing bit where I got to put all the words on! haha

I was looking through some of my stuff today (just from the past two or three months actually) and I think I'm getting better at this. There was a lot of thinking and stress since the beginning of third year as I tried to sort out some illustration mysteries. And it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and conversations (sometimes heated debates) with Daniel Hamilton) to finally get myself out of the dark place of pessimism and coldness.. but it feels good to be able to see other things besides doom and gloom.


Socialbot is Sociable

He really knows how to break the ice.
I could probably learn a thing or two from socialbot.


Wind vs Nuclear

Still trying to figure out the secrets of illustration through editorial.



rockin' classic


Giddy Giraffes and Rocket Pillows

yummy comic brights!

Blogger had a hiccup and deleted everything from yesterday onwards so I don't remember what I said before, but enjoy!


The Princess and the P--

True story.

Don't judge me. I was very young at the time. Maybe this little misunderstanding was what led to my love of language and appreciation for puns...


Retro Sunday: 15

Easter Break is drawing to a close, unfortunately. It was refreshing.


What is IT?

I love TED Talks. I really do. I found this one the day before yesterday and it is now one of my favourites. It narrows down 'it' in all respects and I think it clearly explains some of the things that have been buzzing in my head for months now.

I hope you find it useful/interesting! :)



plannin' treats

Someone sent me this link and now I'm in love with this band:
Oh, it's love. It's love.