Pouffy Pleaty Project

I just finished making this bag today!

 I used Lisa Lam's For Pleats Sake pattern for the most part, but obviously liberties were taken (particularly in the straps department...). I kind of wish I could keep it - my first bag of its kind. Alas, it is not for me.
It was challenging in parts, but overall, super fun! I think I enjoy a good sewing challenge anyhow. And it feels so good when it all comes together.

It took me three go's to get the pearl prong snap done without a set of snap pliers. (Instead I used a thread spool and a hammer! haha!) Well worth the trouble, I think!


strongman contemplates what he means

I always find it weird when there's loads to do, but also very little to do all at the same time.
I just hope for great things to come from such anxious uncertainties.


waiting is the worst

I've been so preoccupied worrying about all sorts of things that all I've done recently have been frustration-filled scribbles. It's a weird kinda self-loathing-inducing catharsis. I don't try to figure it out.

And I need draw men more often...