Rolemodels: The Battle For Vyk'Tornaahl Artist Deck Sneak Peek

Oh my! Who is that at 11:04?? I'll tell you who! It's Nyarai the Nomad!

I'm so excited about this! When you order a deck you get the 100 card deck (obviously), a booklet of information (about artists and gameplay and so on), a shiny well-designed box (oooh!) AND a m*f*in' 20-sided die! IN YO FACE! Also check out the gallery! If anything strikes your fancy, why not pick up a print?!


Nyarai the Nomad

Voila! My contribution to Light Grey Art Lab's Rolemodels show: Nyarai the Nomad.

I've been sitting on this since June and now I'm finally able to show it. I had a lot of different ideas at first, but eventually settled on this design. The concept behind the show is that the roleplay characters created for the game cards represent the artist who designed the card. So how is this character at all like me (other than her obvious preference for warm/hot climes)?
Nyarai the Nomad: Desert Dweller & Voice of the Unheard
"Nyarai is now a solitary desert dweller. She has never been particularly gregarious, as she makes her voice heard not with words, but by action. At fourteen, she first realised the power of her actions as she led a herd of wild camels through her city to overthrow the mad empress. The citizens were liberated, but the downfall of the empress was not the end of their problems."
Take from that what you will. If you fancy it, pick up a print!

And, just because I thought my initial attempts at drawing a camel were funny, here are some of the sketches for the above.

All the contributing artists have made phenomenal work so if you're in the area, definitely check out the show (and go in costume)! Or if you can't make it down (like me :( boo!), you can at least pre-order a deck and admire all the work while trouncing your friends in a rousing game of Rolemodels:The Battle for Vyk'Tornaahl!


Neighbours Zine

Clips from a zine I was working on about my neighbours.

Just a silly little thing.



I was interviewed recently by my alma mater, Cardiff Metropolitan University.