Lula Girl

I think my personal style has changed a lot over the past few months. Well, no. It hasn't changed so much as I've been "exercising my right to express myself through the medium of fashion" to put it in the most pseudo-revolutionary and/or self-empowering-sounding way possible! haha
So, taking a tip from kantieb0, I think I may start drawing(/photographing?) my outfits and such...as I love them all so dearly.
...Does that make me sound shallow?? I don't mean to.. I'm not really... Hmm... Oh well, who cares! It means more art. Surely that's a good thing. All stigmas can be forgotten! HUZZAH!

And I suspect having now found Lula shall only exacerbate the problem...

What can I say? I like fashion. It's true :|



I need to do more reading for my Literature Review (which is basically dissertation practice for me as I plan to carry on the subject I'm doing for my Literature Review into my dissertation). I tend get midway through books and then stop reading no matter how interesting the book is. I don't know why. I have at least (literally!!) 10 or so books I need finish... I always get around to it eventually, though..(Speaking of, there are also a few more books I want to start...so maybe I should finish some books before adding to the list of unfinished ones...)


Alice night

Been working on posters for an Alice night. Overall not too pleased to be honest. I tend to like my sketches more than my finished work, but even more so recently it seems. I may upload more of the sketches later; but here's one I turned straight into a poster proposal.



Well, I got postcards of four selected works printed. How does £2ea. sound? :)

Okay! I know it's been a while and I said that I'd have something to post last week... Well I did have something to post last week (this information about postcards!), but I just never got around to taking pictures and posting... Delinquent, I know! But I'm doing okay if I post at least once every month, right? It could be like the monthly post or something. So, really, I'm pretty on the ball! haha, nono, I'll keep it together and post more regularly.. I just have to get my act together.. get myself to a scanner.. take more photos... do more CG...
Basically, I have to just do!

I'm workin' on it! ;)