Light Grey Art Lab: Fundraiser & Rolemodels Show sneak peak

Light Grey Art Lab has so much great stuff going on. Go check out their Summer Fundraiser and support them by brightening up your life with wonderful prints, card decks, paper sculptures and more. (It's a win/win situation really!)

Speaking of, here is a sneak peak of a piece I did for an upcoming LGAL show! They're so great to work with and always have super fun shows. I hope I get to work with them more in future.

Coming soon.

Also, if you want to keep abreast what folks are up to in my studio at Morgan Arcade Studios check out...
There should be monthly instalments at the end of every month with a summary of what people are doing. I drew Marc!


Sketchbook excerpts

Some character design (plotting stories). Let's see where this goes...


A Full Plate

I'm working on so many things at the moment and moving house at the end of the month. A lot of things feel up in the air and, oddly, these doodles I did last month seem to fit how I'm feeling right now.