Spaghetti Western

This is so appropriate now that I've just finished a bowl of spaghetti! Well, we had a one week assignment which went like this: using one of the five preselected paintings deemed suitable for this project as a springboard, create a wordless story with 12 images.
We were meant to use the colours from the painting as well, but I didn't follow that part of the brief as closely as I could have I suppose... hmm...

It still needs tweaking... I'd like to draw out the beginning really to show that the cowboy was in the middle of a card game that was interrupted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster's presence before the series of western-style ages-before-anything-happens poses.
I've grown rather attached to this cowboy character... I may well use him again...
And here I shall include the prep work for a few of the pages. See if you can decipher them as they are coded in Nicole-brain-language (not too different from binary really...).



I need easy access to a scanner. That would make updating a lot less annoying/boring for everyone involved really >:/

Soooo, basically recently I've been revising my work and methods and other shabizzle and I've decided that I'm not happy with the way that I work. I'm getting sick of the flowy, delicate way that I do things. But I think that really I just want a change of content more than 'style' -- because (I like to believe) the way I work adapts to the subject matter of a piece. I need to release the raw, gritty, manly stuff (....or somethin....lol). So today I've been drawing other stuff that interests me but that I never draw.
Sit tight! Scans soon to come (I hope!).