Retro Sunday: 3

As I mentioned in like my first blog entry, I would love to try my hand at boxing. I can only hope that I have the physical prowess needed. I tend to be good with technique and positioning things, but I do lack strength... siiigh.
Anyway, this entry is unapologetically twice as long. Enjoy :)


Why Don't You...

This is the beginning of my new project (part of my FMP)! I won't go into too much detail about it all now (for the sake of brevity), but I'll post more about my FMP and the thinking that goes behind it as I go along.
I'm really excited about these!
The purple print works very well (much better in person) and feels a little more 'weighty' than the yellow print...
...but the yellow one is more ironically fitting.

If you're interested in the meaning behind this particular print, I suggest you look into the song "Start Wearing Purple" - Gogol Bordello.
Incidentally, does anyone know what the non-English part of that song is saying?? Is that Slovak? Ukranian?? Internet translators have been useless :/


Griffins: 4-colour print

And here we have the new set of Griffin prints. Four of them are 3-colour prints (as shown in the previous post), but the other six are, as initially intended, 4-colour prints (photos below)!
(forgive the dodgy photos as always...)

Get in contact if you want one. I think I'll scan one of the 3-colour prints in and add text to that for the crit group poster and put the rest up for sale.

And hopefully I'll have photos of the first prints for my FMP posted before the weekend!


Mad Griffins

So much has been going on this week! We got really busy with the two weeks worth of events for the Cardiff Design Festival. If you didn't get to go this time round, you should definitely try to make it for next year!
And despite all the hubbub, I finally got some screen prints done! WOO!
Unfortunately I only got three done due to limited time.. siiigh. But I'm going to get back in there to do a whole new batch of them next week! Here are a few close-ups (forgive the poor quality photos):

3-colour print
This print is my poster design proposal (sans text) for the uni crit group that Helen and I are continuing from last year's third years. But if anyone is interested in buying any prints of it, just let me know! :)

I'm also working on a print of an apparently confused purple man with an ace 'tache and an ushanka who is part of a new project for my FMP (final major project), and I am SO excited about it! I'll post more on that once a few of those prints are made, but here's a peek at something else from that project...


Retro Sunday: 2

On 9th September 2010, Dan taught me how to ride a bike! :)
(photos and/or doodles to come later..? maybe....)


recession revisit

I had posted one of the recession pieces on dA and got some really good feedback from another Nicole (Nicoles must just know 'DA BIZ'! 'cause she knows 'DA BIZ'.....and..um.. I know 'DA BIZ' too, right!??....totally rhetorical!). She helped me out with some ideas on how to make the text POP more and just be funkier overall! I really liked the mock up example she did of it, so I did this and I think it works too:
What do you think? Too dramatic? Surely it's an improvement over the last version..? :/
click here to see the original (and to read the rationale)

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