Mad Griffins

So much has been going on this week! We got really busy with the two weeks worth of events for the Cardiff Design Festival. If you didn't get to go this time round, you should definitely try to make it for next year!
And despite all the hubbub, I finally got some screen prints done! WOO!
Unfortunately I only got three done due to limited time.. siiigh. But I'm going to get back in there to do a whole new batch of them next week! Here are a few close-ups (forgive the poor quality photos):

3-colour print
This print is my poster design proposal (sans text) for the uni crit group that Helen and I are continuing from last year's third years. But if anyone is interested in buying any prints of it, just let me know! :)

I'm also working on a print of an apparently confused purple man with an ace 'tache and an ushanka who is part of a new project for my FMP (final major project), and I am SO excited about it! I'll post more on that once a few of those prints are made, but here's a peek at something else from that project...

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