Strange Beautiful Things

La Jetée
This is the beautiful short film (26.20 mins) that inspired the feature length film 12 Monkeys (below) which I also very highly recommended!

I decided that this clip was better promotion for the film than the trailer (official or otherwise).

Also, I found this curiously beautiful. I don't know precisely why, but I think it has to do with its unabashed realness and innocence.
click the picture to see the entire 9-photo shoot
Selected by me. Brought to you by Vice Style :)


Things with Stitching!

I've been going crazy with the sewing machine making many many little purses (which are totally for sale if you want any, by the way! But I'm going on vacation for a month and a half on Thursday...).

Of course, this new addiction could not be kept simply to purses. I have made myself a cute little polka dot dress!
I made it from start to finish! As you can see, it started with humble beginnings...
...they grow up so fast :')

 Must say, this is probably one of my proudest moments! haha
 I can't wait to wear it out! :)


Comrade Orlan

Do you remember Jules Verne, my entry to the Mimobot contest? Well, Dan and I have designed an awesome little cosmonaut sporting a variation of the lovely new Russian Orlan space suit!
So please go vote him some love!!

I did the faces and the little replica patch on the left! (Yes, the patch you totally can't see because it's so tiny now, lol! But you better believe it's got epic detail! haha!) And Dan did all the actual work! lol!

And remember: you don't need to be a member of infectious. If you have facebook or twitter, you can also vote!

* * *

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