Blastos' milk-powered jetpack

I'm considering doing more of these cereal boxes and packaging things just for fun. It's sort of relaxing to work on.

I think that in future I may just use MS Paint or an oekaki board (long overdue!) to do this sort of thing because Photoshop sort of fails a little with it...
Also I am going to try putting more (wonky) backgrounds into things...maybe.


snake, rabbit redo and workspace

Here is 'RABBIT' booklet's other half.

The words are the lyrics to Katy Carr's song Snake's Kiss. I also altered the Rabbit booklet a little bit and exchanged the words for Florence + The Machine's Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) lyrics. Both still need a lot of tweaking in order to work, though, and all the altering of things these days is making me feel a bit rubbish.

I have a new workspace now at one of our closer campuses (Howard Gardens)... But it has not increased my rate of productivity (actually I think it may be hindering it)... Also I need lessons in how to make workspaces pretty (and inspiring and cosy and encouraging and happy).


Crunchers and Cartoon Queens

Found something to occupy my mind for the next few days (maybe even a week!). Really just a bit of fun, but also works as part of my Real World module. Here are some of the sketches:


So now I'm prepping this for printing, but I may try messing about with it later to make it more entertaining in some way...

Also, I recently had a mess about with animating on Adobe Flash (first time ever) and it was SUPER fun! Unfortunately I cannot share the crap that I came up with because I can't figure out how to make it save as something more shareable than a ".fla"?? ...Any suggestions??
edit: figured out the Flash thing! yay!


Dissertation: Exploring Dream-Narratives in Film


This forty-nine page book represents all of my cognitive processes over the past few months (since about May 2010 to January 2011). I have realised that I wouldn't mind helping people proof-read their work for a little extra cash.


The Big Draw: Postcards from the Future

Last year, on Saturday 9th October 2010*, I attended and volunteered to be an assistant creative coordinator for The Big Draw at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. The theme was:


And it was really fun!



This is a project I'm working on for my Real World module. After getting my dissertation printed and sending it to be bound(!!), I printed off the file for this booklet. I just cut and folded it MOMENTS AGO!


Les Reines Bleues 01

Here we have the first page of a potential two and a half page comic to express an idea about sense and nonsense.
Not totally satisfied with the speech bubbles... but it was all rather fun to do. I have so many plans and I'm so very excited about just getting on with things. Tomorrow begins great things!


She Said...

I think I'd like to do a screen print of the middle one.
(But then maybe I do too many messy/rough-coloured prints...)


Retro Sunday: 8

Today I will be leaving on a jet plane... to go to back to Cardiff.


Doctor! Doctor!

"Don't get your gross baby juices all over my new doctor coat."
"B-but I just saw you give that patient a lobotomy!"
"Hahahah! No, no, what you just saw was me putting a cabbage in that man's brain cavity."
"I am sorry; I cannot help you."


World Book Day bid

I was working on some illustrations for the 2010 World Book Day bid.

In four phrases, the story is about: a kid, cool shoes, lame shoes and a Celtic wish-granting statue nicknamed "The Sleeper".

I wasn't going to bother entering anymore because I didn't have enough ideas for it and I wasn't sure how to go about tackling the few other ideas I had in the same style that I'd done the above illustrations. But then I saw this guy's amazing blog and was inspired to work really loosely (which is what my stuff looks like before I tighten it up anyway!)! Then I came up with these:

Not sure if the top one is too messy or what, but I still like them both. I might slap a texture or something over the top of them and see how I feel later...


A tower floating into dreams

Putting together a simple diagram for my dissertation, but I may just scrap it altogether because I'm not so sure if it's doing its job like it should be...

Obviously I was not cut out for making diagrams (also I think the wording is confusing).
I'll fix it later.

P.S. Look what it's doing to me! ;o;
turning me schitzo...