snake, rabbit redo and workspace

Here is 'RABBIT' booklet's other half.

The words are the lyrics to Katy Carr's song Snake's Kiss. I also altered the Rabbit booklet a little bit and exchanged the words for Florence + The Machine's Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) lyrics. Both still need a lot of tweaking in order to work, though, and all the altering of things these days is making me feel a bit rubbish.

I have a new workspace now at one of our closer campuses (Howard Gardens)... But it has not increased my rate of productivity (actually I think it may be hindering it)... Also I need lessons in how to make workspaces pretty (and inspiring and cosy and encouraging and happy).


  1. Oooooh, they look so good! I wanna see em close up!~

    Also DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE. Just from that I can assume your workspace is highly productive. HA!

  2. ah, thanks! I wanted to try screen printing them when I get a solid thing going that I'm totally pleased with but then I remembered that because the images were so quick to do I just flattened them all and didn't bother to save the layers so I have to redo the images so I can make screens blahblah.....siiiigh. DAMN MY SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS!!

    haha! see, you would think that, but it just distracts me by implanting Electric 6 songs in my head... I plan on replacing that picture with an actual box of "HIGH VOLTAGE..NESS!" to shock me into actually doing more work....

  3. The things you do are wonderful. *D* I love the design aesthetics of these books and the color choices ff