Spike Jonze +film review

I was just checkin' out The Creators Project (which I only just found out about since recently becoming a Vice student ambassador) and I saw that Spike Jonze is being highlighted at the moment.
He has such an earnest, real style which you can see in the lovely short film I'm Here.

click image to see the entire film

He also directed the recent nostalgic feature-length film Where the Wild Things Are which is based on the famous children's book of the same title.


Jules Verne

I just entered this mimobot contest and I'd really appreciate it if you vote my deep sea diver, Jules Verne, some LOVE.
You don't need to be a member of infectious. If you have facebook or twitter, you can also vote! :)


Sewing circles!

I've been able to borrow a sewing machine from the lovely, amazing, wonderful Polly! (I'm pretty sure she has no idea how grateful I am.) And I am having so much fun with it!

I'd bought some fabrics from nuno ages ago (although the black one with the white hearts I went out and bought today! hehe)

Then, for my first act of prestidigitation, I decided to make a coin purse...


Boats, Bruises, Bristol and Bobbins

My last day as a second-year illustration student was yesterday. It was celebrated by a relaxing row-boat ride in Roath Park (in which I injured my arm by foolishly attempting to stop the boat from crashing into some rocks...siiiigh). Much pain was had. Maybe I'll make a mini comic about it later so we can all laugh at my pain together lol.

Then some friends and I had a(n expensive!) night out in Bristol. But it was fun, so all was well! haha

I didn't win the Egmont Placement, but Dan and I were runners up (along with Mary). The winners were Omi and Helen. Something to put on the old CV I think!


The future excites me more and more every day.

The Illustration Degree Show is SO good! It has me feeling very inspired, excited about the future and, if I'm honest, a little sad to say goodbye to the third years (not just the ones in illustration, but the ones connected to them from other courses as well)... They really are a source of regular motivation. Cardiff's 2010 Illustration graduating class is full of pioneering, amazing people indeed. I hope our year can not only reach, but further push, the high bar they've set.
Again, if you can check out the show, do it!

The third years may be graduating, but it's not the end for us just yet! I've got a dissertation proposal to do and a few modules to wrap up before I can relax this year.
I was going to rant about 'meaning' and the lack thereof in art, but I'll write about that later.
Will post more sketches soon.


CSAD Illustration Degree Show

Friday begins the CSAD BA (Hons) Illustration Degree Show. This is the graduating year's degree show (the year above me) and it is guaranteed to be good! It will be in 22-24 Morgan Arcade (Cardiff) and it runs from 4 June until 12th June. So, if you can make it, I definitely recommend you come.
A sample of work will also be at the CSAD/UWIC Llandaff Campus (from the 5th to 11th June)

I was helping out yesterday and got to look at some of the work before it went up and it got me all excited about it!