The future excites me more and more every day.

The Illustration Degree Show is SO good! It has me feeling very inspired, excited about the future and, if I'm honest, a little sad to say goodbye to the third years (not just the ones in illustration, but the ones connected to them from other courses as well)... They really are a source of regular motivation. Cardiff's 2010 Illustration graduating class is full of pioneering, amazing people indeed. I hope our year can not only reach, but further push, the high bar they've set.
Again, if you can check out the show, do it!

The third years may be graduating, but it's not the end for us just yet! I've got a dissertation proposal to do and a few modules to wrap up before I can relax this year.
I was going to rant about 'meaning' and the lack thereof in art, but I'll write about that later.
Will post more sketches soon.

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