Invisible Spiders

Still practising with editorial illustration, here is a Little Miss Muffet-esque character completely unaware and unaffected by being surrounded by invisible spiders.
article by New Scientist
I like how I've seen a lot of people (mostly/only the American illustrators I follow) using different coloured outlines and gradients and such. It seems to make things fit together better or something when there isn't a heavy, imposing, 'final' black line separating things, so I tried that out.
I think the technical part of this experiment was fairly successful, but I'm less impressed with my actual editorial illustrating skills... I'll have to try harder with the next one.


Robots and Spacefolk need cereal too

A little while back I found Uppercase Magazine's cereal box design call for entries. With my intense love of cereal I felt obliged to give it a go, and I finally settled on two that I worked up, put in the template and submitted!
Here are some photos of the screen prints. A lot of things were going a little wrong that day so I think I've only got about five of the robot print now and maybe six or seven of the Blastos print...lol
4 colour print

5 colour print (which is the most complicated I've done so far)

The Blastos screen wasn't totally cleared when my design was put on it so it looks a little weathered in spots (though I can't honestly say I didn't find it a wee bit charming). Hopefully the Robot one has an appropriately Japanese-ish feel to it and the Spacey one has an appropriately American-ish feel to it.


Dawn of the Robots!

We had a workshop with Bristol-based Norwegian freelance illustrator, Øivind Hovland*, yesterday after his Monday Muse talk the previous day and both the talk and the workshop were really interesting and helpful! The Muse was about his inspirations and how he goes about getting work, and the workshop was about targeted self-promotion (using screen printing! yay!). So, basically, there was a lot of goodness packed into those two days.
I really want to get into editorial illustration (perhaps this is hard to tell from the kinds of things I've been doing...I shall fix this!), so I decided to target a magazine (in this case Wired) and do a screen printed pretend cover illustration (or I guess without the "Wired" logo, it could be a spot illustration? maybe..).

Anyway, I now have 15 little prints of this fashionable "Wired" robot... If anyone wants one, let me know! lol

* Be sure to check out his work; it's so worth a look!


squid v squid

This is what I wasted my Friday evening doing.

I found the article on the New Scientist website. I'm hoping that the shame of posting this will make me do some work that isn't a(n 'un-skillfully' executed) chore.


Crit Group Poster

I screen printed a poster for the Crit Group that I and Helen host.
I need to take some good photos of all my screen prints one day because I am not doing them any justice this way :(


Retro Sunday: 10

I just watched Coco Before Chanel on Friday night. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel seemed like a bit of a badass.



(9th FEB)

6 speakers (illustrators/graphic designers/typographers/etc.) talk about freelancing, agencies, collaborations, surviving! FREE WINE AND CAKES and feel free to sell anything there.
So if you're interested (and in/around Cardiff lol) please come along. It'll be in the big lecture room (Room A103) of UWIC's Llandaff campus at 2.45pm!

*poster by Chloe