Dawn of the Robots!

We had a workshop with Bristol-based Norwegian freelance illustrator, Øivind Hovland*, yesterday after his Monday Muse talk the previous day and both the talk and the workshop were really interesting and helpful! The Muse was about his inspirations and how he goes about getting work, and the workshop was about targeted self-promotion (using screen printing! yay!). So, basically, there was a lot of goodness packed into those two days.
I really want to get into editorial illustration (perhaps this is hard to tell from the kinds of things I've been doing...I shall fix this!), so I decided to target a magazine (in this case Wired) and do a screen printed pretend cover illustration (or I guess without the "Wired" logo, it could be a spot illustration? maybe..).

Anyway, I now have 15 little prints of this fashionable "Wired" robot... If anyone wants one, let me know! lol

* Be sure to check out his work; it's so worth a look!

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