I had a lot to choose from in the way of posting. That always makes me feel good. So today I shall post the second set of structured 'collections' originally intended to be used in my Obsessions & Eccentricities project.

Aaaand it's my underpants! How's that for getting intimate with an audience for you? haha!
I thought it was interesting that, for me anyway, it's the clothing that no one sees that is most expressive (and colourful...which you can't see here...) and that I choose very meticulously.
I had further plans for this one that I may well continue with so you may see more of my undies later.


it's been too long

Christmas holidays were too awesome! Went to Boston and got my parents to drive me down to New York so I could meet with Roxie Vizcarra(!!!) for a uni project (Picaresque) for which we need to interview an illustrator. She was cool and her work is really worth a look if you don't know it already: www.roxination.com.

I need to update more regularly.. And so I shall! Or at least I'll try. But things are going to be really busy with uni as we're preparing to have our second year degree show (which we organise almost completely independently).
In an effort to have stuff uploaded more regularly, I'll post a few sketches every week or few days or something :)
For some reason I now love little sketchbooks. I'm usually a ring-bound A4 kinda girl, but I got my first bound little sketchbook some time in June and I've become addicted to them. Got my first little square one today (the other two were A5) and 9 markers to play with. I am going to have so much fun! haha

Noisettes (Wild Young Hearts), Florence + The Machine (Lungs), Moby (Play) and some random trip-hop and the like.... This is in my head at the moment...
Can ya dig it?