I had a lot to choose from in the way of posting. That always makes me feel good. So today I shall post the second set of structured 'collections' originally intended to be used in my Obsessions & Eccentricities project.

Aaaand it's my underpants! How's that for getting intimate with an audience for you? haha!
I thought it was interesting that, for me anyway, it's the clothing that no one sees that is most expressive (and colourful...which you can't see here...) and that I choose very meticulously.
I had further plans for this one that I may well continue with so you may see more of my undies later.


  1. o.o
    n-nice undies?

    only in this context is the above statement appropriate!

    good to hear from you py! you are missed :D

  2. I feel the same way! My underwear has way more colors and stripes and patterns than most clothes I wear. And I was distraught when the completely decorative button on the nonfunctional button-fly on my purple boyshorts had disappeared the other day.

  3. hah, thanks, guys

    Aaah, Roxie, I feel the pain. Some fans were almost hit with shit and hot fury when I thought the ink of the robots had come off my robo-undies in the wash. ....They make me feel powerful :)

  4. they are not very colourful atall if u ask me...

  5. @chenny
    "(and colourful...which you can't see here...)"

  6. HA! These are so cute; the fish are my faves.