Jazz Gallery

SUNDAY 13th MAY 2012 Nanna Koekoek, Daniel Hamilton and I will be exhibiting work at A Shot In the Dark cafĂ© to provide the gallery section of the Jazz Gallery which has been providing some pretty hip jazz since March of this year.

poster by Dan and Nanna
There will be live jazz on the night (and every Sunday actually) and the exhibition will run until 4th August 2012. I'm putting up new work, so stop by if you fancy it.



I want to draw/paint MORE MOUTHS!


What does your dog say about you?

I really enjoy girly magazines - mostly Seventeen, CosmoGirl (no longer in print), Teen Vogue and Company. It's super light reading (it almost doesn't even qualify as reading)...maybe a little vapid at times, but I find it fun nonetheless.

Anyway, I have taken to doing little editorial exercises with the kinds of articles they publish. The above was inspired by a Cosmopolitan (UK) article.

An aside: I am so addicted to the ink + paintbrush combo I've started trying recently. This is the first time I've combined that with digital and I feel like such a dufus for not having done this before. It's so fun! But I need a new paintbrush now because I'm a total novice about inks and brushes and the proper maintenance of those magical devices.