scrap 'n' LRRH

unfinished(and won't be). hastily coloured(will not be fixed, but I like the face still). sketchy(to be finished eventually...)

I wanna do a fun character meme thing.. Partly so people can get to know m
y characters a bit, but mostly so I can answer a few questions about them for myself that I may not have considered.

And HERE we have another not-cleaned-up LRRH page! booo!! *pitchforks!..?*
I think I want to colour these pages! D8<


I like bats! :D

soda is bad for you :Ithat's a vending machine, by the way...does it need buttons for realistic fun? :0

PyroPanda. Scaring people at the speed of gibberish!
I felt the need for an update in my bones.. unfortunately, my life decided not to provide material of interest. So entertain yourselves with this 3-panel comic thing for the next few seconds as I hop out the escape hatch before you realise you've wasted your time reading this..... BWAHAHAHA!

oh hey! funny batman comics link I found today: LITTLE BATMAN!
Each comic made me laugh out loud.. for real! Maybe it's just easy to make me laugh, haha.



I mean .. f*****k! that was
awesome! I just saw it today. It actually had a PLOT (all other superhero films, take note!) and the characters were all really great. I love Robert Downey Jr. I hope he manages to stay off the drugs :) He's so funny and he really brought the character to life. Gweneth Paltrow looks a little like Kirsten Dunst to me :B *random neutral observation*
Wow.. I can't properly express how much I loved that movie. It's now my favourite superhero film!
A+ in my book! ;)

un peu de couleur pour mon petit 'dessin'

Anyway, I'm goin' out with some friends now so.....later! ;D