scrap 'n' LRRH

unfinished(and won't be). hastily coloured(will not be fixed, but I like the face still). sketchy(to be finished eventually...)

I wanna do a fun character meme thing.. Partly so people can get to know m
y characters a bit, but mostly so I can answer a few questions about them for myself that I may not have considered.

And HERE we have another not-cleaned-up LRRH page! booo!! *pitchforks!..?*
I think I want to colour these pages! D8<


  1. Man, I love the char designs in the first WIP and the figure/hips in the last one. (And the expression in the middle one!) And your comic pages are looking really nice, and I like the liberties you're taking with the story. : D <3

  2. gk>> XD

    kyvie>> thanks!! I'm hoping to finish it in about ten-ish pages total (though I don't know how realistic that is...lol)