hodgepodge: misperceptions part1

Simone's uncomfortable with the idea of being pegged as an emo/depressive/cutter
...especially considering where she REALLY got those cuts. ahah. this is funny to me :D
There are two(ish) parts to this and it's not so funny until you see the second part....but really it's really never gonna be as funny as in my mind, no matter how many parts there are.
Anywho, hopefully I get un-busy enough to do part two soon so you can truly see my lame sense of humour at work.
oh you should be so lucky! *sarcasm*

I'm still figuring out things like pacing and speech things and not changing stuff up to the last second... I realise these things too late and OMG, WTF!? I flattened my file by accident sooo editing things is gonna be a b*tch >_<;;;; and I really want to make some changes, but I can't be bothered =m=; *hum!*

I also wanted to tell you all (in a sequence of doodles!) about my weekend in Orlando 'cause I was so excited to get awesomely unexpected deals on the cutest undies AND find jeans(I hate jeans shopping) and shoes (I hate shoe shopping) AND SHORTS!?! WTF?? (wow..)
..I am dull as a rock?...mayhap. mayhap.

And now my exciting life takes me TO THE POST OFFICE! I have a letter to mail!! *0* Lizete, prepare yourself!!


  1. Hoho I wait the second part! :D I want the explanation! :D

  2. I'm ready !!! :D

    Ouais, les gens qui se coupent soi-même font peur >_< J'avais un copain qui était tellement désespéré qu'il se meurtrissait aussi soi-meme =_=

    (moi non plus, je n'aime pas le shopping pour les vêtements les plus compliqués à choisir, et j'étais bien contente lorsque je me suis trouvée une tenue pou rle mariage de ma cousine ! Quelle victoire c'était ! :D)

  3. grandk>> haha, it's coming soon! XD
    I should finally have the time to ink and colour it tomorrow!

    ppdm>> ouah! C'est déprimant ça. Quel dommage que ces gens ne réalisent pas qu'ils ont des familles et des amis qui ont d'affection pour eux et qui veulent les aider.

    Je suis plus misérable en faisant du shopping pour des vêtements et des chausseurs (or, j'aime bien le shopping pour des chaussettes et des livres! haha).
    Ah, quel chance tu avait! Maintenant, moi aussi, j'ai une cousine (tu l'as rencontrée) qui va avoir un mariage en août mais je dois trouver un saree pour ça! @_@;; ).
    Je dois faire un, je pense.

  4. Lovely. awesome comic. keep it up!