People Make Rainbows

HOLIDAY TIME (sort of)! The second term in my final year at uni is finally (already!??) over! It's just the Easter break now, though, so it's not over yet. This is just sort of a short breather (which I will continue to work through after my three days of break that I have assigned myself. woo! lol).
Lots of thinking and growing and cultivating has happened so far this year, but a lot more of all that would be most welcome... I've been trying to build up the ideas behind my work more and so far it just makes me feel like a dunce and/or get angry. So, for now, have this in place of 'real art'(...?)


Pictoplasma Missing Link Project

The other week I submitted something to Pictoplasma's Missing-Link Project! The thoughts behind this one was fairly simple:
My missing link is a rather benign character. He is not unlike anyone else, but he is rarely seen. He is alone. And he is mysterious. I believe that unseen beasts and forces are far more intriguing (and frightening) than ones that you see because the minute you see something you begin to analyse and plan how to escape from it or exploit it or befriend it or whatever. The more mystery there is to it, the less you can plan what to do next and it has the upper hand.



Two Welshie briefs!
The first was from the London Welsh Trust for their Mad March Challenge (Sialens Fawr Mawrth) membership campaign. So I had a go with my only goal to be to make it as uncheesy as possible.
I quite like it if I'm honest. Unfortunately they didn't choose my design. But I did get runner-up and will be included in their magazine, so that's pretty cool too I sppose.

The second brief was a poster design for the Welsh theatre company Theatr Iolo for the German play Visiting Katt and Fredda. They wanted a fairly simple design with a limited palette.
I totally forgot to write up a little 'sell-it' statement to go with it. It would have included something about "the orderly cups representing the two protagonists' lives before the third cup(visitor) comes and wrecks it up and makes their world complicated like so many tangled strands of hair dyed green with jealousy"... Or something to that effect. Must remember to include the rantings next time.

Now that I think about it, it looks a bit more like a book cover really... And I've seen some strong designs from friends so I'm not getting my hopes up about this one, but it's always good to enter and see what happens.

edit: Theatr Iolo submission was unsuccessful too unfortunately :(


Retro Sunday: 12

Annie Wu's recent blog post introduced me to the classically deadpan face of Buster Keaton. So naturally...


Accessory Babies

I wonder sometimes about the way some people view parenthood.


Wacky Robot Rave

I found this on the Drawn.ca blog.

T4 idents from double g studios on Vimeo.

I don't see how you could not love it really.