Side B: The Music Lover's Anthology

Last year I submitted a short comic to Poseur Ink's "Side B: The Music Lover's Comic Anthology" and the book should be available in stores on June 3rd(!) so check it out:


Animation tests

ANIMATION TESTS! testing the equipment and timing and....and mostly just messin about really! haha
There were more but two of them never got animated.

Splodge (animatic/animated storyboard)

random/unplanned animation (lol)

Look kids! It's the MAGICAL JUMPING FILING CABINET! hahaha (even though it's incredibly short and pointless, I actually rather like this one)


Robots: cut-out animation

Animation project: Robots
I have to fix the timing and figure out how to add sound!!
Wish I had more to post. I'll have to remember to get all my drawn-animation clips from the computer at uni at some point.
edit: added the sound!!