sketchbook sequential scribbles and stuff


I've been focussing on dissertation work recently so, while the practical work hasn't stopped by any means, I've not been doing as much finished stuff. Not to mention I've been battling with some creative frustrations and people frustrations that seem to be keeping me from getting on with things...
A few wee (A6) sketchbook pages follow. Some things are plans for current pieces, others are just floating ideas...

and I've recently gotten back into posemaniacs.


Retro Sunday: 4

Sorry for the one week delay!
My mum has a classic Volkswagen Beetle. They are gorgeous cars...


Shadow Play Illustration Symposium

Last week from Tuesday to Thursday was the Cardiff School of Art and Design Illustration Symposium: Shadow Play. Many of the papers were relevant to my dissertation and it was an enjoyable evening overall. I should have blogged about it beforehand, but I was so busy it totally slipped my mind.
I only managed to attend Wednesday afternoon's talks, but it was so worth it. I wish I'd been able to go to all the talks over the full three days and I hope to get the chance to go to more events like it.
You can find photos of the event at the Illustration Research blog.

Photos from the Big Draw with which I assisted, Postcards from the Future, to come soon!