Zara When She Rubbed Her Eyes

Here is a preview of the cover of one of two book commissions I have just finished.
Both of them were really fun to do (as well as challenging at times) and I'm pretty pleased with the results of both.

I thought the first story was going to be my favourite because the subject matter of the second book (cover above) involved a lot of creatures (which is not my forté) where the first was more in my comfort zone. However, I think it's because of having to work so hard on the second one and having things work out really positively that I've begun to appreciate what the second book put me through and it became my favourite for that reason.


drawn textures

I think it looks a bit like a (strange?) band poster, but it's some 'research' for some work that I would like to do in the near future.



CLICzine issue #5 is out and I did the cover for it! YAY!

And because CLICzine is a Welsh publication, you flip it over and it's in Welsh too!



Here's a little peek from a fun commission I'm working on :)

Also(!) the surprise I was talking about in previous posts is slowly coming together. Here is a preview:


When girl scouts compete...

How far will one girl go

to win the legendary