Final Major Project

So I'm meant to be working on my first year FMP now! I've decided to do a comic (Hodgepodge) for it. It will be on CD and (here's where it gets interesting?/complicated perhaps) I want both animated chapters and still page chapters.. Does anyone know any programs that could make the CD contents look really funky? A dreamweaver sort of thing for CD-making.....Anyone??
And I'd want to design a funky CD case, extra bits and bobs and everything (which I've done before.. not just the regular jewelled-case thing where you slip the paper in; it was proper origami style, man! haha)! I'm actually pretty excited.

Although, if I get about 25/30pages done (which is sort of my aim...), I would like to make a perfect bound book as well (using lulu.com).. My only problem, I think, is getting ideas together for it all and deciding how the animated parts will be done (stylistically)...

In other news, I'm having a really funky week!

Hopefully I'm not biting off more than I can chew...Well, I've got 5weeks left to do it in; let's give it a good go!