Kids' Game

I did this a while ago and only getting around to posting it now.


Office Chit Chat

This was fun and rather cathartic :)



Here is a piece of a thing that is going much better than the previous piece of a thing I posted last week.

I'm trying to get used filling in backgrounds a bit more and I'm playing with all sorts of new(for me) stuff so this was a really fun learning exercise. I've still been a little sloppy/lazy in places, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. I'll post the whole thing tomorrow once I've finished it.
And now I'm off to see a man about a building. Ta ra!



Amidst a slew of meetings and plans during a big transition period, I've started a new project this week and I'm experimenting with what to do with it. Got a little frustrated/impatient early on in the process with the image below and it just wasn't going any further than this today :(

I feel a strange compulsion to do away with digital for a while and get my hands dirty... but I also sometimes despise traditional materials (despite their beauty) because they're often messy and/or inconvenient. Sometimes they're super convenient, though, in that they feel so immediate. We'll see where this ends up later.