Retro Sunday: 17

I was reading something the other day that talked about creativity being a muscle that needs to be exercised just like any other muscle which made me think about body-builders. What a strange hobby. Did you know that Sean Connery was a body builder before he was an actor? Apparently he placed 3rd (although this is disputed) in 1950 for the Mr Universe title.


10 reasons not to go to the gym

I really enjoyed doing this one! It's been a while since I've enjoyed doing anything this much.. And oddly enough, the most fun part was the editing bit where I got to put all the words on! haha

I was looking through some of my stuff today (just from the past two or three months actually) and I think I'm getting better at this. There was a lot of thinking and stress since the beginning of third year as I tried to sort out some illustration mysteries. And it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and conversations (sometimes heated debates) with Daniel Hamilton) to finally get myself out of the dark place of pessimism and coldness.. but it feels good to be able to see other things besides doom and gloom.


Socialbot is Sociable

He really knows how to break the ice.
I could probably learn a thing or two from socialbot.


Wind vs Nuclear

Still trying to figure out the secrets of illustration through editorial.



rockin' classic


Giddy Giraffes and Rocket Pillows

yummy comic brights!

Blogger had a hiccup and deleted everything from yesterday onwards so I don't remember what I said before, but enjoy!


The Princess and the P--

True story.

Don't judge me. I was very young at the time. Maybe this little misunderstanding was what led to my love of language and appreciation for puns...


Retro Sunday: 15

Easter Break is drawing to a close, unfortunately. It was refreshing.