Wind vs Nuclear

Still trying to figure out the secrets of illustration through editorial.


  1. This is something I'd expect to see for an article in a magazine (a decent magazine btw). The illustration is pretty perfect in terms of message execution. Even if it wasn't your intention, the sumo wrestlers are pretty great at emphasising the heavy challenges and cons of both energy sources for Japan, but I think I'd be rooting for the non-green glowing one (that shade of green just reeks of "I'm gonna leave you with moobies...oh wait".

  2. Thanks so much, Naj! I'm pleased you got all that from it. I think if I exaggerated things even more (like the sizing of them and the 'windyness(?)' of the wind sumo, it might work even better. I also tried to make it a bit like a woodcut (ancient scroll of wisdom? lol).