Retro Sunday: 7

like a graceful dance...



cheesy? yes! but I'm allowed a fat cheesy Christmas doodle today, surely.

Have a good one, folks!

psst! hundredth post!



Hot Chip

I'm going to practise with Photoshop more with some quick illustrations like these to get myself to stop mourning the loss of my beloved openCanvas4.03

I like Hot Chip.



Micky and Nikki of Nematode in Space glory have started a new comics magazine called SEQUENCE. And it looks rather promising.
image by *PowFlip
"SEQUENCE is an independent zine focused on informing, instructing, and connecting the comics community; no invitation necessary!
Do you wanna see your works in print? Have something you've been dying to share with a larger audience? A review? Preview of your latest comic? Oneshot? Helpful tutorial? Please CONTRIBUTE!
We're in desperate need of contributors, so fill out our CONTRIBUTE form or contact [~bunkun], ~Meeleena, or ~jknozmo with ideas, questions, opinions, whatev and we'll HOOK YOU UP."

lolage by ~jknozmo
And there are loads of ways to contribute; not just entering comics and articles!
You can also help kickstart SEQUENCE by helping fund the printing costs. Click here to see other ways to help with the production of SEQUENCE.


The Wolfman...

click to fullview and unscrunch the image!


sticks and birds

I've been wondering... if something is good, but personal, should you show/expose/post it? What if it isn't personal at all but it looks like it is? People always seem to want to make connections that sometimes aren't even there. I don't think work should suffer/be hidden for that kind of reason... but some things are not so simple.

The makings of a project maybe...


Floating Ideas

While moaning about having nothing worth posting I had the thought "I usually enjoy seeing people's sketchbook pages. Why not post some more stuff from my sketchbooks?" So, for now, that is precisely what I'm going to do! :)

These are the ideas floating in my head at the moment, each described in one word.