Another year gone by...

'tis my birthday today :)
21 on the 21st. cool.

apparently I have the same birthdate as Disney animator Bobby Chiu and French illustrator Elodie Vermeulen (aka Lost Fish/Rusty)


Swashbuckling Summer Tales!

I've got a summer brief to work on for uni and am having difficulty getting into it. I have some sketchy ideas, but nothing solid. Then on Tuesday I was doodling one of my characters (my alter-ego, perhaps) as a pirate as a drawing exercise and decided to try to make it fit the brief! Not just because it means less work on my part, but because I'm rather fond of the character and the drawing and haven't really done much in this looser style for uni. This is what I came up with:
I went through several versions trying out different fonts and text positions. I may ad a stamp or something in the top right (to balance it out) saying "Save your doubloons!" or something, but I think this is more or less the final poster to be submitted.

Other than that, I've been trying to get some reading done for my dissertation research. The following books are among those I've been looking at:
Can you guess what my dissertation is about from these books!? (that is to be said in a Dora-the-Explorer-like voice)

But I'm so easily distracted and I don't like wasting my time reading irrelevant things. I just hope I get a decent amount of reading done before uni starts!



Pour les Francais

Fear not, art is coming soon. And here ends the English as this is a message for Francophones.

Récemment (ben, pendant les deux années derniers) je n'ai pas eu vraiment l'occasion d'utiliser mon français et ça me dérange. Comme les plus de gens qui apprennent une langue, mon écriture et ma lecture sont probablement comme d'avant (ou proche), mais je sens que ma compétence en parlant et écoutant ont souffert.
Je veux y rectifier! J'avais eu regardant un peu des films et lisant un peu des blogs et écoutant un peu des chansons, tous Français. Alors, si on en* a à recommander, dis-moi les, s'il te plait!
Et, bien sur, si on parle français, je l'apprécierais beaucoup si on ferait des commentaires sur mon blog en français.

*aussi des livres et des series TV