drawing assignment 2

I've not been very present on the internet these days...hmm.. I'll try to get it in gear!
Anyway, this is a quick WIP for 1/12 drawings.

it's my brother! :)

Happy Crimbo! Have a great Boxin Day and a lovely New Year!


christmas card

original version of my christmas card design:
(just thought it was time to upload again...)
I've actually done lots of new stuff (lots of messin' around with a dip pen!). I just have no scanner in my room and keep forgetting to scan things on campus.. hm. I'll get on top of it!

j'ai peur d'oublier ma français car je ne l'utilise plus...or, c ma faute.. quand j'ai l'occasion, je deviens trop nerveuse! grarg! j'ai un problème.. v_v


theoretically speaking

I missed many October birthdays!! Meant to get around to at least sending everyone(6 peeps) happy birthday messages.. but I didn't. I'm sorry, guys! ..HAPPY BELATED!
What's with the eye-closing-ness?? Too lazy to even draw eyes maybe?? hmm...

I did some scribbles (first time I've picked up my graphics tablet since 9 Sept!). I don't like the look of either of them, but might think about finishing the one on the left.. ('cause she's got my shoes, but in white).

We've been looking at some philosophical and science-y areas of art of late: "what is art?" and colour theory. It's been pretty interesting actually. I remember when I was younger always being annoyed by the idea that in science all the colours made white (a ridiculous concept on the whole I thought) whereas in art they all supposedly made black (then being annoyed that it was never black, but brown).. It was like the practice was rejecting the theory. But then you learn the differences between additive(blabla light) and subtractive (blabla pigments) colour theories and think "okay, that's clearer...but all the colours still make brown and not black," haha!


school related stuff

This was actually redone since this stage (thank goodness) and I think it's better now, but I can't find the new file at the moment.. I'm so disorganised right now. And I think I need/want to buy my own scanner/printer.. hmm, yep. I think I can get a decent one for fairly cheap. I'll have to do some looking around later.
For our first big assignment

Also our course has been commissioned/invited to do a design for the UWIC(University of Wales Institute Cardiff) Christmas card too and I scanned my design for that, but it didn't save properly on my memory stick.. I'll probably try to post it later.
I have to say, I'm really really lovin' it here..terrified of the approaching winter though.. I'm gonna freeze my ass off AND I won't see the sun for ages?? hmmm doesn't bode well for this Bahama mama...


i am moved

Sept 17, night: Nassau, Bahamas
Sept 18, morning: London, England
Sept 19, afternoon: Cardiff, Wales

Now I am well settled in my flat! Well, I dunno about "well" settled.. I've not been here long enough to say "well" settled.. But here I am nonetheless and I really love it so far.
I have no scanner... That makes me sad. I did bring my graph tab, though...Still, I'm so not in the mood. I wanted to pretty up this update with lovely, doodly pictures. Alas! I am far too lazy and also I am saving my energy for assignments...or something.

And I think I'm being rather friendly/sociable... I would say that is something for me to be proud off! indeed! haha



I want to find a style for myself... In terms of both art and fashion. And now is the perfect time to do it! :)

So I might be experimenting more and more soon.

These pics are all just the result of mucking about really... I think I rather like doing eyes now. I like drawing noses, but I don't much like colouring them.

I think I want to do a small book of short stories... Or maybe a small book of short comics (of those stories).


I want a new sketchbook

Yo ho ho!

I think I've given myself too many projects. I'm not the type to burn out, but I am the type to let things fall by the wayside! ahaha, that's awful.

I have no explanation for the image you see to the right. (I did wonder why my pants were feeling so slack. Pardon, mais je peux enlever mes pantalons sans déboutonner maintenant. haha. wut?)

desperately want a new sketchbook. I always leave the first page blank and sometimes I leave one or two back pages blank...

I don't feel so great about the interview...


hodgepodge: misperceptions part2

Pardon, GK! j'ai oublié de l'afficher hier ! XD;;As you can see, I didn't bother with backgrounds...I think they would have been a distraction here anyway. Once the setting is established, backgrounds are unnecessary, right? >_>; *probably just lazy* huhuhu
This is my stale joke... There have been so many times when I had to do the dishes and didn't want to unplug the sink because it was filled with yucky water. Then when I shove my hands in the sink to quickly unplug the drain I get STABBED with the utensils I dumped in the sink to soak. So I subjected Simone to the same thing since I didn't want to be the only fool who does that...

hum. indeed.


hodgepodge: misperceptions part1

Simone's uncomfortable with the idea of being pegged as an emo/depressive/cutter
...especially considering where she REALLY got those cuts. ahah. this is funny to me :D
There are two(ish) parts to this and it's not so funny until you see the second part....but really it's really never gonna be as funny as in my mind, no matter how many parts there are.
Anywho, hopefully I get un-busy enough to do part two soon so you can truly see my lame sense of humour at work.
oh you should be so lucky! *sarcasm*

I'm still figuring out things like pacing and speech things and not changing stuff up to the last second... I realise these things too late and OMG, WTF!? I flattened my file by accident sooo editing things is gonna be a b*tch >_<;;;; and I really want to make some changes, but I can't be bothered =m=; *hum!*

I also wanted to tell you all (in a sequence of doodles!) about my weekend in Orlando 'cause I was so excited to get awesomely unexpected deals on the cutest undies AND find jeans(I hate jeans shopping) and shoes (I hate shoe shopping) AND SHORTS!?! WTF?? (wow..)
..I am dull as a rock?...mayhap. mayhap.

And now my exciting life takes me TO THE POST OFFICE! I have a letter to mail!! *0* Lizete, prepare yourself!!


scrap 'n' LRRH

unfinished(and won't be). hastily coloured(will not be fixed, but I like the face still). sketchy(to be finished eventually...)

I wanna do a fun character meme thing.. Partly so people can get to know m
y characters a bit, but mostly so I can answer a few questions about them for myself that I may not have considered.

And HERE we have another not-cleaned-up LRRH page! booo!! *pitchforks!..?*
I think I want to colour these pages! D8<


I like bats! :D

soda is bad for you :Ithat's a vending machine, by the way...does it need buttons for realistic fun? :0

PyroPanda. Scaring people at the speed of gibberish!
I felt the need for an update in my bones.. unfortunately, my life decided not to provide material of interest. So entertain yourselves with this 3-panel comic thing for the next few seconds as I hop out the escape hatch before you realise you've wasted your time reading this..... BWAHAHAHA!

oh hey! funny batman comics link I found today: LITTLE BATMAN!
Each comic made me laugh out loud.. for real! Maybe it's just easy to make me laugh, haha.



I mean .. f*****k! that was
awesome! I just saw it today. It actually had a PLOT (all other superhero films, take note!) and the characters were all really great. I love Robert Downey Jr. I hope he manages to stay off the drugs :) He's so funny and he really brought the character to life. Gweneth Paltrow looks a little like Kirsten Dunst to me :B *random neutral observation*
Wow.. I can't properly express how much I loved that movie. It's now my favourite superhero film!
A+ in my book! ;)

un peu de couleur pour mon petit 'dessin'

Anyway, I'm goin' out with some friends now so.....later! ;D


sketches + shirt design

I don't know what's wrong with me! I want to do some arty stuff, but my brain feels so numb... I have no solid ideas in my head really and I feel like thinking will only make my head start hurting...more than it already is =_=;;
I've been practising drawing straight on the computer though. Usually I draw in my sketchbook, scan then colour with the computer. But I think it's a useful skill to be able to skip the scanning process all together.


LRRH test page?

First panel's missing, but it's probably gonna get turned into a "title panel" anyhow.Jeez. I dunno man... comics don't seem to be my forte...
But, dammit! I'm gonna keep trying (at least until I suck less. haha)!

Oh, notice how I skipped the mother giving her instructions bit? Well, I actually did that page first and didn't like big chunks of it (much like how I feel about this one). Maybe I'll put it up later, though.


school's out!

I just have one exam on the 18th! Then I have to prep for graduation, I guess... I should go to those graduation meetings....find out exactly when it is and what I have to do for it >_>;; lol, yeah~

Two days ago I found this game that donates rice to hungry people. It's right up my alley! I've only gotten to play four times since I found it, but I really like playing so I think I'll hit up that site a lot. The most I've given on my own so far is 2000 (me and mumsi gave 4000 in half the time. haha). I hope they really are giving rice... I trust that they are.

Hum.... lemme show you the finished Absolut Innocence pic that I posted the WIP for a little while back (it's only slightly tongue-in cheek, haha). I made adjustments based on the class crit. I think I'll make more adjustments before/if I post on DA.I also had to do an artist and a place. I did Jin Liu Wubao (gunnmgally@Deviantart) for my artist.. I might post that later.


sit, boy

He was begging to be posted in all his oversized-coat, nonsensically-proportioned glory (lol)
I was planning to colour him (in other words, hide his hideousness with colour), but I think I'd just get frustrated so I might not bother. I wanted to start the story like last week, but this is not gettin' touched 'til this semester is over. Hell, if graduation preparation is hectic, it may not get touched 'til June, but you can bet I'll get it done! B8< Weeell, actually no. Just in case, don't bet on it...but I'm pretty determined! :D

post more junk later! 8D


almost there

Just a few more days of school left! '3'
I'm getting a liiittle nervous about going away in September for school. I don't think I'll miss home too much... at least not in the first few months, I think (well, I'll probably miss the absolute certainty of sun everyday).

I'm excited, but I'm just thinking about things like registration and remembering important dates and not getting lost... and actually getting outside for classes when it's cold...

... and then I guess somewhere in the back of my mind (should be) some anxiety about how supposedly social inept I am... hum..People will probably laugh at my layers upon layers of coats and bad fashion sense (lol; "boho?? you mean hobo chic? 8D"). Not that I'd be too bothered (as long as I'm warm, bébé) but it might get annoying to hear it a lot, lol.
Naw, lemme give people the benefit of the doubt. Just 'cause they're all out to get me doesn't mean I can't pretend they're not >u>;; huhu

..I can't wait for the end of school so I can draw stuff just for me again >3<



Well it took quite a while to do, but now it's done. I won't get into all the requirements, but I'll just say that we had to do a box for a class assignment. Crazy calculations! (Remember when I was talking about the art project that involved trigonometry?)
I decided to include all the notes that preceded the final project as well....There were more pages of plans/sketches. In fact, this is just the second page of the original plans. It's plans started changing a bit... anyway, here's what the mass of scribbles grew to be:I'm pretty happy with it now (even if it's only like 10% or 20% of its planned size)


buzzcuts and bzous

Buzzcuts are sexy :|

Here's a little something from the LRRH project. I haven't decided what to name him yet. I'm thinking Lukas (or maybe with different spelling? Lucas, Luca, Luka, Luukas..) He has no redeeming characteristics, but I rather like him nonetheless. It's the bad ones that gitchya! *sigh* But that's kind of the point, eh?
I think I'll name the little girl Emsé. I've got pictures of her too, but I'll post them later *laaaazyyyy!*

Disclaimer: It's going to be a slight bastardisation of the story. The reason being I want to keep the gruesome bits, make the little girl's actions and reactions more 'real' and use the ending that I feel is most believable considering the story/moral/characters/etc.

Hum. Still trying to decide whether or not to do it in colour.
Well, in April I'll have time to really work on it. For now, I'm just doing the basic plans, huhuhu~


mini comic

Okay! Kyvie suggested doing small comic projects to practice comickin' and I rather like that idea. I picked an existing story though (surprise, surprise: a fairytale) and came up with a few character concepts and such. I think I'll do a few of these before doing one of my own. This way I can focus on the technical aspects a bit more (I hope).

click it big!
I changed the little chick's design since this sketch..

I have slightly more detailed profiles so you might see these people again.
Also, I'm trying to decide whether or not to do the comic in colour. Hum. Anyway, I can tell you now it'll be for "mature audiences" lol. Tryin' to stay true to them traditional fairytales haha


Traditional Fairy Tales

I love traditional fairy tales! Lots of people seem to like The Little Mermaid (à la Disney), but I'm not fond of the Disney representations of the original stories. Disney tends to corrupt the original stories. However, I did enjoy the Disney version of "Snow White" and "Beauty and the Beast" as a child (I like them still for sentimental reasons).
After taking a trip down memory lane, I decided to do some pictures of those stories (since they seem to be all I draw/doodle in my spare time anyhow)... It's difficult to work on anything because I really have quite a bit of work (lots of presentations), but I'll go nuts if I don't work on something for myself soon >_<; I think I'll upload this Snow White picture to bahanimation when it's done (hopefully with a full, coloured background!)

My favourite fairytales are Snow White, Ashputtle (The Brothers Grimm's Cinderella, 1812) and The Grandmother's Tale a.k.a Path of Needles or Pins (Little Red Riding Hood, Middle Ages) ...and Rapunzel (Fred Crump, 1995). I'm thinking to do a short comic of one of them.. maybe~


Why are you back my life, trigonometry? D8

Are there people who do commissions for environments/backgrounds??
I'm just curious mostly.. It seems like it'd be an odd, but useful service if you ask me.
I want to get into doing some pictures for myself again, but I'm a little busy with classes. I'm working on a packaging project that involves so much math.. I revoke that statement I made about not needing trigonometry ever again >_>;;

In other news!
hum.. I'm not usually too fashion conscious (at all! haha), but I really like the whole short dress+leggings+flats look.
Is that still "in"?? I dun even know! lol; whatever, I like it! XD
click it big! : )

I want a pair of shorts too (summer's a-comin!) and some new jeans (it's been years =_=;;)
gawd, I feel sickeningly materialistic admitting it..hum, oh well~
When I get some money, I think I'ma make me a visit to sock dreams for the leggings...and maybe some socks too...
I love socks ;o;

Anyway, I'm off to do some work! haha (roight!)



A while back I saw this commercial for Last Man Standing (I hate that I love that show ;o; Oh, Richard♥ ...and Rajko)....Anyway, there was this guy (either Mark or Jason) doing a PERFECT, awe-inspiring kick ;o;
Since then I've wanted to try kickboxing. I'm not sure if I appreciate the AWESOMENESS off this kick 'cause I do karate or 'cause it was artistically beautiful, but it made me wanna do kickboxing.
Later another show made me think English(regular) boxing would be fun to try.

Then, when I was watching Fight Quest (I'm not terribly fond of that show), I saw them doing SAVATE/French boxing! What is it? It's like kickboxing+English boxing. Oh my word!! I want to try this sport so badly!

It looks a little violent for someone like me, but I don't care! I think it'll be awesome! XD
I think it'll help make me stronger, fitter, faster, all that good stuff! I mean, I rather like doing karate for the self-defence benefits, but I'm pretty weak and I need to work on my "fighting spirit" lol. Hopefully something like Savate would help me with that - make me more aggressive! GRR!
I'd probably get beat up a lot...and pretty bad too, but I can be pretty spunky! I wouldn't give up! >8D ahaha!

Plus I would get to wear that sexy unitard and all that gear!!
Yeah, baby! You know you like it ;D

....Muay Thai looks interesting too.... but I think I'll stick to Savate! >:)



Hey, guys!

I decided to get myself a blog! :D

This'll probably be where I put updates on stories/class assignments/comic work/etc (and I'll probably pop in some doodles too)