Hey, guys!

I decided to get myself a blog! :D

This'll probably be where I put updates on stories/class assignments/comic work/etc (and I'll probably pop in some doodles too)


  1. yo snix! :D glad to see you got a blog with blogger!

  2. I think blogger was the only choice once I decided to do the blog! ^^
    (livejournal was just.. hm.. no thanks ^^;; lol)

  3. Yeah!!! Good choice! ^_^
    I prefer read your stories on a blog :)

    (it's me, Ppdm :p)

  4. yea, but it's even better now cuz now i can actually watch your blog instead of lurking on a site i'm not a member of... >>

  5. ppdm: OMG!! xD YAAAAY! C TOI! <3 hehe
    ouais, c plus organisé, je pense. Pour les choses qui concernent DA, je les mets sur DA. Sinon, je les mets ici :D
    Oh! Et, sais-tu comment on reçoit des nouvelles des blogs par RSS?? Comment est-ce que ça marche?

    mallorie: LOL; this is true indeed... As soon as I figure our RSS feeds, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT LADY! When You first showed me your blog link I was DYING to comment on a few of your entries with a big fat "OMG YES I AGREE!! >80" but it wouldn't let me without more trouble than I was willing to work around, so I didn't bother XD;;
    *too easily confused, perhaps*