A while back I saw this commercial for Last Man Standing (I hate that I love that show ;o; Oh, Richard♥ ...and Rajko)....Anyway, there was this guy (either Mark or Jason) doing a PERFECT, awe-inspiring kick ;o;
Since then I've wanted to try kickboxing. I'm not sure if I appreciate the AWESOMENESS off this kick 'cause I do karate or 'cause it was artistically beautiful, but it made me wanna do kickboxing.
Later another show made me think English(regular) boxing would be fun to try.

Then, when I was watching Fight Quest (I'm not terribly fond of that show), I saw them doing SAVATE/French boxing! What is it? It's like kickboxing+English boxing. Oh my word!! I want to try this sport so badly!

It looks a little violent for someone like me, but I don't care! I think it'll be awesome! XD
I think it'll help make me stronger, fitter, faster, all that good stuff! I mean, I rather like doing karate for the self-defence benefits, but I'm pretty weak and I need to work on my "fighting spirit" lol. Hopefully something like Savate would help me with that - make me more aggressive! GRR!
I'd probably get beat up a lot...and pretty bad too, but I can be pretty spunky! I wouldn't give up! >8D ahaha!

Plus I would get to wear that sexy unitard and all that gear!!
Yeah, baby! You know you like it ;D

....Muay Thai looks interesting too.... but I think I'll stick to Savate! >:)


  1. i think muay thai is far more brutal than most other martial arts... >>

    i'm thinking of picking up kung fu next.. i blame kyle c for getting that stuck in my noodle XD along with me doing kabudo [weaponry is teh shits, yo]

  2. I dunno.. If you actually see those Savate matches.. they can DEFINITELY rival Muay Thai!!

    I can see you doing kung fu, easy! You know a requirement is being clinically insane! 8D ahahaha
    No, but seriously, I could see you gettin' into kung fu. It's a good combo with karate too, I hear.
    Jeezis.. you and weapons though >_>;;; I'll never get on your bad side ever... and I'll hire you to be my bodyguard...and part-time assassin for all the people who were ever mean to me.. How's 3 cookies a head sound to you!? 8D