My first alma mater had a bookmark contest with the theme 'migration'. I was only able to do this at the last minute but, as simple as it is, I had fun with it.
It is an oddly relevant theme for me at this particular point in time.

edit: I got second place :)



A New Illustration Industry

Ben the Illustrator has this great idea for A New Illustration Industry. And he has a good plan to make it happen. Illustrators, do yourselves and your industry a favour.
(above work by Ben the Illustrator)
Just as a rule of thumb, people should not expect illustrators to work for free. Yes, there are certain circumstances where illustrators might work for free (unpaid internship/work experience, uni, charity work, work for friends) and it's one thing if they choose to (presumably, they're getting something out of that deal that they're pleased with - maybe it is 'exposure', maybe it's just kicks), but no one should ever expect illustrators to work for free.
Why? Because the arts are worth something. They have a value. And that value should be respected.