A New Illustration Industry

Ben the Illustrator has this great idea for A New Illustration Industry. And he has a good plan to make it happen. Illustrators, do yourselves and your industry a favour.
(above work by Ben the Illustrator)
Just as a rule of thumb, people should not expect illustrators to work for free. Yes, there are certain circumstances where illustrators might work for free (unpaid internship/work experience, uni, charity work, work for friends) and it's one thing if they choose to (presumably, they're getting something out of that deal that they're pleased with - maybe it is 'exposure', maybe it's just kicks), but no one should ever expect illustrators to work for free.
Why? Because the arts are worth something. They have a value. And that value should be respected.


  1. agreed. i'm no illustrator or anywhere near that level yet, but i really hate it when people think of art as something 'useless'. because you just hang it up on your wall or leave it in an art gallery. they can't understand how important art is, and it upsets me sometimes when they ask me to just draw something for them.

    i think i haven't been drawing in school lately thanks to that. hahaha. thumbs up to this post. (:

  2. glad you liked the repost! :)