LRRH test page?

First panel's missing, but it's probably gonna get turned into a "title panel" anyhow.Jeez. I dunno man... comics don't seem to be my forte...
But, dammit! I'm gonna keep trying (at least until I suck less. haha)!

Oh, notice how I skipped the mother giving her instructions bit? Well, I actually did that page first and didn't like big chunks of it (much like how I feel about this one). Maybe I'll put it up later, though.


  1. Oh great! I like your... er... I don't know the word for "d├ęcoupage"... maybe "cutting"? :)

  2. aw, thank you!! ;3;
    That part is pretty hard for me right now, but I'm really glad it's working so far.

  3. awesome :D
    btw it´s me Centuryslayer from Deviantart, I found my account xDDDD