sketches + shirt design

I don't know what's wrong with me! I want to do some arty stuff, but my brain feels so numb... I have no solid ideas in my head really and I feel like thinking will only make my head start hurting...more than it already is =_=;;
I've been practising drawing straight on the computer though. Usually I draw in my sketchbook, scan then colour with the computer. But I think it's a useful skill to be able to skip the scanning process all together.In other news:
I have a little project for myself. At the gallery where I intern (popop studios) my boss asked me to try to think of a T-shirt design for a new gallery shirt based on the sort of Baroque-ish lambrequin stuff I like to doodle sometimes.

I've got two ideas that I just have to put them in Photoshop. Hopefully he likes what I came up with... I guess I'll post 'em when I'm done. It'd be cool if they actually put my design on shirts... I'D WEAR IT PROUDLY! 8D *dork*


  1. Oh man, that sketch page is so much fun. ;_; I love hte way you draw noses/hands and that guy with the curly hair AHAHA so cute. <333 I love the afroesque lady on the bottom left, too <3

  2. Oh, and congrats on the t-shirt "gig" ! That's awesome. <3

  3. I love the design of th t shirt! whaw! :)

  4. kyvie>> thanks so much!! ;3; I wasn't gonna bother posting it, so I'm glad you like it (makes me feel less guilty about posting XD; lol)
    He's from a story I was working on in high school called Ragdoll! 8D I pretty much finished planning the story, but I'm trying to work up the courage *cough*skill*cough* to actually draw it out. aahah..maybe one day.. XD;

    grandk>> why thank you! XD

  5. Aaah tes sketches sont géniaux ! Tes personnages ont vraiment beaucoup d'expressions ! \o/

    Sinon concernant la future carrière dans le stylisme, j'espère que ton ou tes idées seront sélectionnés !! C'est la classe de porter son propre t shirt :D

  6. Ppdm>> OUAH!MERCIetMERCI! ^3^
    Il semble que mon boss aime mes dessins, mais il a dit qu'on doit les 'tirer' (euh.."faire les petits modifications?") un peu parce qu'il aime des parties des deux dessins et qu'il veut inclure des aspects de les deux x3