school's out!

I just have one exam on the 18th! Then I have to prep for graduation, I guess... I should go to those graduation meetings....find out exactly when it is and what I have to do for it >_>;; lol, yeah~

Two days ago I found this game that donates rice to hungry people. It's right up my alley! I've only gotten to play four times since I found it, but I really like playing so I think I'll hit up that site a lot. The most I've given on my own so far is 2000 (me and mumsi gave 4000 in half the time. haha). I hope they really are giving rice... I trust that they are.

Hum.... lemme show you the finished Absolut Innocence pic that I posted the WIP for a little while back (it's only slightly tongue-in cheek, haha). I made adjustments based on the class crit. I think I'll make more adjustments before/if I post on DA.I also had to do an artist and a place. I did Jin Liu Wubao (gunnmgally@Deviantart) for my artist.. I might post that later.


  1. That rice thing is novel, until you read the fine print. The money for the rice is already donated weather you play or not. it doesn't add more rice for every word, it's basically advertising for the fact that whoever sponsored the site, gave money for rice.

    novel, but kind of underhanded.

  2. I was/am pretty sceptical, but I read the FAQ and I really wanna believe that. The adverts only appear when you get a word right aaaaaand, something in me needs to believe that this is doing something good for someone... and in any case, playing helps increase my vocab, which is somethin' I like doin' *read the dictionary..a lot*