school related stuff

This was actually redone since this stage (thank goodness) and I think it's better now, but I can't find the new file at the moment.. I'm so disorganised right now. And I think I need/want to buy my own scanner/printer.. hmm, yep. I think I can get a decent one for fairly cheap. I'll have to do some looking around later.
For our first big assignment

Also our course has been commissioned/invited to do a design for the UWIC(University of Wales Institute Cardiff) Christmas card too and I scanned my design for that, but it didn't save properly on my memory stick.. I'll probably try to post it later.
I have to say, I'm really really lovin' it here..terrified of the approaching winter though.. I'm gonna freeze my ass off AND I won't see the sun for ages?? hmmm doesn't bode well for this Bahama mama...


  1. the sun is overrated. keep pluggin away at uni pai!

  2. the sun is WOOOOONDERFULLLLLLL!! It makes me a happy chappy! haha