theoretically speaking

I missed many October birthdays!! Meant to get around to at least sending everyone(6 peeps) happy birthday messages.. but I didn't. I'm sorry, guys! ..HAPPY BELATED!
What's with the eye-closing-ness?? Too lazy to even draw eyes maybe?? hmm...

I did some scribbles (first time I've picked up my graphics tablet since 9 Sept!). I don't like the look of either of them, but might think about finishing the one on the left.. ('cause she's got my shoes, but in white).

We've been looking at some philosophical and science-y areas of art of late: "what is art?" and colour theory. It's been pretty interesting actually. I remember when I was younger always being annoyed by the idea that in science all the colours made white (a ridiculous concept on the whole I thought) whereas in art they all supposedly made black (then being annoyed that it was never black, but brown).. It was like the practice was rejecting the theory. But then you learn the differences between additive(blabla light) and subtractive (blabla pigments) colour theories and think "okay, that's clearer...but all the colours still make brown and not black," haha!

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