almost there

Just a few more days of school left! '3'
I'm getting a liiittle nervous about going away in September for school. I don't think I'll miss home too much... at least not in the first few months, I think (well, I'll probably miss the absolute certainty of sun everyday).

I'm excited, but I'm just thinking about things like registration and remembering important dates and not getting lost... and actually getting outside for classes when it's cold...

... and then I guess somewhere in the back of my mind (should be) some anxiety about how supposedly social inept I am... hum..People will probably laugh at my layers upon layers of coats and bad fashion sense (lol; "boho?? you mean hobo chic? 8D"). Not that I'd be too bothered (as long as I'm warm, bébé) but it might get annoying to hear it a lot, lol.
Naw, lemme give people the benefit of the doubt. Just 'cause they're all out to get me doesn't mean I can't pretend they're not >u>;; huhu

..I can't wait for the end of school so I can draw stuff just for me again >3<


  1. aww, poor baby- you'll be fine! i know you will!

  2. where are you transferring to?

  3. linz: ;3; I hope so
    *calls you two days after leaving, "BEY, I'M SO LOST! ;O;" haha XD;;;*
    ..it's funny 'cause it's true :|

    kantieb0: Cardiff, Wales (UWIC.ac.uk) most probably, though there's still a small chance I'll go to Bournemouth, England (AIB.ac.uk). It's just a matter of scholarships at the moment @m@;

  4. Oh man, I'm such a dork, I was genuinely enthused that I could understand the French in these. LOL

    College/university is a fantastic experience. I think you'll love it. c: At least, I hope you do! ♥