Traditional Fairy Tales

I love traditional fairy tales! Lots of people seem to like The Little Mermaid (à la Disney), but I'm not fond of the Disney representations of the original stories. Disney tends to corrupt the original stories. However, I did enjoy the Disney version of "Snow White" and "Beauty and the Beast" as a child (I like them still for sentimental reasons).
After taking a trip down memory lane, I decided to do some pictures of those stories (since they seem to be all I draw/doodle in my spare time anyhow)... It's difficult to work on anything because I really have quite a bit of work (lots of presentations), but I'll go nuts if I don't work on something for myself soon >_<; I think I'll upload this Snow White picture to bahanimation when it's done (hopefully with a full, coloured background!)

My favourite fairytales are Snow White, Ashputtle (The Brothers Grimm's Cinderella, 1812) and The Grandmother's Tale a.k.a Path of Needles or Pins (Little Red Riding Hood, Middle Ages) ...and Rapunzel (Fred Crump, 1995). I'm thinking to do a short comic of one of them.. maybe~


  1. Little Red Riding Hood is adorable. :B I love her wide walk and slight swish of her skirt (and that's a really cute outfit). I also like the colored piece... The coloring looks so soft and natural and I love that hand. ;3;

  2. ooh, i like the snow white- the red is a little striking for me, like i see her in my minds eye in something pastel-like... but the red plays off the apple nicely :3

  3. kyvie>> Thanks! I always have this vision of her marching determinedly into the forest (though the story says otherwise, but I don't care! >80 in my mind, she's on a mission!! ....Although, in my mind, the wolf was sexy too, so.... >_>;; *cough* hum..)

    Lin>> Really? I'm not fond of Snow-White in pastels. I like her in reds and blacks and such. Except in the story of Snow-White and Rose-Red (though that is probably a different Snow-White in that story). In SW+RR, she's in all white and RR is in deep red 'cause I like the names and colours to make sense there so as not to confuse me when I'm trying to tell them apart.. 'cause also they're twins in my mine >3> Yeah!
    This is actually pretty different from my original design for her though. For the longest I had her with straight black hair (which I quite like for Snow White), but I think she's cut with short hair too.

  4. yea, SW in the SW and RR story is a different one... i think it's her i like more anyway.
    oooh, i wanna see SW with longer hair!