Robots and Spacefolk need cereal too

A little while back I found Uppercase Magazine's cereal box design call for entries. With my intense love of cereal I felt obliged to give it a go, and I finally settled on two that I worked up, put in the template and submitted!
Here are some photos of the screen prints. A lot of things were going a little wrong that day so I think I've only got about five of the robot print now and maybe six or seven of the Blastos print...lol
4 colour print

5 colour print (which is the most complicated I've done so far)

The Blastos screen wasn't totally cleared when my design was put on it so it looks a little weathered in spots (though I can't honestly say I didn't find it a wee bit charming). Hopefully the Robot one has an appropriately Japanese-ish feel to it and the Spacey one has an appropriately American-ish feel to it.


  1. HAHAHAHA ! I loooove the japanese design ! XD That's so funny because we don't understand what it means !

    I've submitted this "cereal box design" contest idea to my art forum !
    (J'essaie de parler anglais :p)

  2. I especially love the honey, nuts + bolts packaging, so good!
    - Sophia.

  3. NICOLE. I am FLOORED by these illustrations/designs! I must apologize for my hiatus from blog commenting and lurking, but I'm back in the game. These are phenomenal! They have a nice throw-back feel; almost retro. I'm really digging them. I love the robot because I'm in love with robots, but I must say my favorite is blastos! The design is really solid. Nicely done! :)

  4. :D Thanks so much!! Those comments really mean a lot to me having put so much into these!!