Boats, Bruises, Bristol and Bobbins

My last day as a second-year illustration student was yesterday. It was celebrated by a relaxing row-boat ride in Roath Park (in which I injured my arm by foolishly attempting to stop the boat from crashing into some rocks...siiiigh). Much pain was had. Maybe I'll make a mini comic about it later so we can all laugh at my pain together lol.

Then some friends and I had a(n expensive!) night out in Bristol. But it was fun, so all was well! haha

I didn't win the Egmont Placement, but Dan and I were runners up (along with Mary). The winners were Omi and Helen. Something to put on the old CV I think!

Still really eager to get on with STUFF.
Don't remember if I ever mentioned, but I ended up not getting that sewing machine last summer (I had it ordered and all, but it didn't come so I got a refund. hum!). But the urge to sew is still strong in this one! I may get myself one this year instead. Look at this beauty:

But I may be able to get one second-hand for free after I get back in September. Obviously, the free one is an awesome deal for money (of which I have very little!), but I'm itching to start sewing now! And I don't know if I can definitely have the free one... The new one (above) would come with a 15year guarantee, free UK delivery, free carry case and (lol) free scissors worth £40...

Hmm, these things require pondering. What would you do?!



  1. awww I'm sad you didn't win but I'm glad you got runner-up! That little guy was so so SO cute. ♥

    that sewing machine looks SO NICE ahhh I wanna touch it *Q*))) if you have enough money to buy it without it affecting normal life I'd get it. I see it as an investment + it has free pricey stuff. I peaked at the price and it seems to be normal sewing machine price + extra stuff...HOWEVER if you're going to go broke, hungry, or won't be able to pay your bills it'd be silly to buy it.

  2. Aw, I'm glad you liked him. I am a little disappointed to not be going to London, but it would have been a bit of a hassle what with me having a non-changeable plane ticket to the other side of the world in July (the month that the placement is meant to be...) lol

    Oh, you are too right ;m; it makes me sad. I tried to deny your rightness for a while, but I cannot.. If I buy the new machine, I would indeed be broke, hungry AND unable to pay bils... Sad times.
    I've been convinced to wait, though. I may be able to borrow someone's machine until I get back in September (by which time I'll find out if I can have the free machine!!)
    I just hope that awesome deal is still on if I DO decide I want to buy the Toyota machine a few months in the future...

  3. do you have any commissions you can do or anything you can sell on ebay or something?? Coming up with half the cash even could help a lot!

    but other than that I hope you'll get your hands on something ;w;) ♥

  4. bah, I was trying to think of things to sell... problem is I've always been poor and have never been able to afford to buy anything, therefore, I have nothing to sell.... true story v_v;;; LOL
    I was thinking of opening commissions possibly... Or actually just selling prints as doing commissions may be a bit time consuming what with the whole 'having to read for/write up a dissertation' thing... But it's so hard to sell... siiigh ;m;

    I'm working on a plan, though! If I can borrow a machine until mid July at least, I figure (assuming it's still the deal it's at now) I'll just buy the machine when I'm back in September regardless of all the forces that be telling me no >8C hum! lol! what a plan!
    (although if it's more expensive, that's a sign I wasn't meant to have it...or something... lol)

  5. Thanks for the kind words Nicole! Really great stuff yourself my friend! Keep up the good work!

  6. Great blog!

    Selling prints is always easy! making sure they are affordable, of course, people will buy them! I sold tons of prints I just had laying around in my room for $10 a piece and I sold A BUNCH! EASY cash!

    Thanks for your kinds words and I look forward to more of your postings.


  7. Thanks very much, RAWLS and Veronica! You've both got such funky blogs!♥
    And @Veronica & Nikki: I think I may try selling some prints and such. Doesn't hurt to try I suppose! :)