Sewing circles!

I've been able to borrow a sewing machine from the lovely, amazing, wonderful Polly! (I'm pretty sure she has no idea how grateful I am.) And I am having so much fun with it!

I'd bought some fabrics from nuno ages ago (although the black one with the white hearts I went out and bought today! hehe)

Then, for my first act of prestidigitation, I decided to make a coin purse...
And then another!
  And then another!

And here they all are along with the fabrics used to make them.
I like the idea of giving the purses a bright, happy lining because the outside is quite plain (but still has a subtle girly feel with the hearts I guess...).
If you notice, I gave the third one I made a little handle so it can be attached to a bigger bag or something. I see a lot of purses like that, but thinking practically, I always wonder why because I wouldn't attach my change purse to the outside of my main bag... but that's just me. In any case, the reason I attached a handle (despite that fact) was because I think I'm going to make a plush toy or something to attach (via swivel clip) to the coin purse! hehe
Maybe I'm just a simpleton, but sewing is hard work! :O

It's odd to me that even though I usually work best when I can be spontaneous and can improvise (sometimes to fix mistakes sometimes just because) and both sewing and screen printing - two things I now love doing - inherently must be almost completely planned or it doesn't seem to work so well.
...Or maybe that's just because I'm not yet proficient in either medium.


  1. Sewing is very very planned, which sucks, but once you like learn to draft patterns proficiently (enough) it gets pretty easy.

    I actually hand crafted a 3 volume guide on sewing for one of my classes. Some how I picked up a lot from doing it. D: (which I should probably post on my blogg....)

    I hope you post more of your sewing endeavors!

  2. I'm so upset with the internet at the moment. I wrote a long excited reply to this and the internet swallowed it up then DIED for all of yesterday! 8C
    Maybe it's for the best. It was full of frighteningly spirited enthusiasm.
    But basically I was saying YES!! You should always post those things!! I'd love to see them! That book you did was gorgeous! I can't imagine all the lovely goodies you could build >8O
    I do hope it gets a little easier as I'm really excited, but super complicated things can be a bit intimidating (and can waste resources if you mess up! D: something I can't really afford at the moment...).
    I think I'll keep posting them as long as I stay excited (which, by the looks of it, may be quite a while... lol).
    I've got sketches (non-sewing-related stuff) to come too, though, since I haven't updated with any drawing stuff recently...

    (I'M SO EXCITED!!! hahahaha!)

  3. omg AWESOME!! I'm so glad you got a sewing machine to borrow, I felt like my super-realistic-money-and-spending comment completely ruined your dream...I'm so happy to see it alive and well!! Oh, dreamy sigh!!

    these are ADORABLE, I wonder if you can sell them on your money quest? I actually need a coin purse VERY badly, if you show me what patterns you have and tell me the measurements maybe I can buy one from you??? I need one with a sturdy hook-thing like yours has in the picture!

  4. AHAH! I don't know why, but I find it hilarious the imagine of you> crushing my dreams. You don't strike me as a dream-crusher. nonono. haha! And I so most definitely need reality-checks every so often (actually very often.. lol). It just made me look at the more practical option of borrowing one before considering investing in one.

    eeeeeeeeee!! for reeeeeals, like!?? I'll take some photos of all the other fabrics I've got later today. The ones I've made so far are all roughly 4"x3.5"
    And I have some nifty metal D-ring buckles to make the little handle bits even stronger and a whole bunch of coloured zippers (I'll take some photos of them too)! 8)

  5. Oh my god. I LOVE that coin purse! I am insanely jealous because I can't sew at all :( The inside pattern rules! It's a hidden surprise. I can only imagine how much work it must have been. Just keep doing it! Practice makes perfect!

  6. They are really cool! I love the contrast of the fabrics and the zipper used for each purse :)