World Book Day bid

I was working on some illustrations for the 2010 World Book Day bid.

In four phrases, the story is about: a kid, cool shoes, lame shoes and a Celtic wish-granting statue nicknamed "The Sleeper".

I wasn't going to bother entering anymore because I didn't have enough ideas for it and I wasn't sure how to go about tackling the few other ideas I had in the same style that I'd done the above illustrations. But then I saw this guy's amazing blog and was inspired to work really loosely (which is what my stuff looks like before I tighten it up anyway!)! Then I came up with these:

Not sure if the top one is too messy or what, but I still like them both. I might slap a texture or something over the top of them and see how I feel later...


  1. omg that blog is amazing ff f fff *Q*)))

    the first "messy" one is a little too much I think but only because of the coloring! It might be cool if you did like solid/neater coloring on another multiply layer and then moved it slightly so you see white outlines or whatever?? *A*))) I SUPER ENJOY those colors though, so much life!! EXCITING ♥

    the 2nd one works perfect! Your lines look so good and I like how you incorporated the lighter color *Q*)))

  2. I KNOW RIGHT!! ;O; he makes me excited to ART! And I have needed a real big kick of inspiration for a good long while! his work makes me feel excited to do stuff.. not sad and ashamed that I'm rubbish v_v;;; lol!

    yknow after I did it I was really excited by my new discovery (lol), but just as I was filling in the background colour I felt like something was off and I couldn't tell what.. I'll definitely try that out though! thanks! 8)
    ;w; ♥

  3. You totally went a different way to me with yours - In retrospect, I think Imay have overcomplicated mine - Those trainers look sliiick! :S

  4. haha, thanks! and good job on gettin' the bid! I don't think I would have a clue how to approach doing the rest of the story! But you seem to be good at running with something once you've started.. I think sometimes I have some sort of weird "one-offs" syndrome... lol!

  5. Heck! - how did you know :S I was trying to keep that quiet! Thanks though - I wasn't expecting it at all!